Experienced Frontend Developer - Remote

Job description

We are seeking an experienced full-time permanent frontend developer to join our in-house team.

Currently spread across the UK and Bulgaria, we work between GMT - GMT-2 so applicants need to be able to work an average day within these time-zones.

Our team is currently 3x developers (one you will be replacing), a Product Manager and a CTO-who-codes. We service a wider company of ~50 people within our core business, and ever-growing number of franchise businesses.

You will be evolving our existing set of web/mobile applications, both public-facing and internal, adding new features, enhancements and refreshing UX to make our tools more intuitive. We'll also be creating new applications to meet business needs, though this isn't a role if you like to create something new every few months.

Technology and Approach

Our frontend uses a mixture of older/newer technologies, with a combination of template-driven web pages, JQuery/Ajax, some React, Ionic 3, and Angular 7. We are looking to standardise on the Angular ecosystem for all new features / applications.

Our backend is primarily Python/Django with some Node.js serverless components, backed by Postgres / Redis / ElasticSearch.

The work is varied, with several large existing code bases that you will need to feel confident evolving and maintaining. You'll work both on complex application features as well as more traditional web work with our marketing website.

We work with a hybrid Scrum/Kanban methodology, planning little-and-often and releasing on-demand as features are ready but keeping the standardised iteration length for introspection and review.

Role & Responsibilities

Working within a highly collaborative team, you will be our frontend expert and work closely with our product manager to inform design choices using the instincts you have honed over the years. You don't need to be a designer, just have a thoughtful opinion (loosely held).

You'll work across the full software development lifecycle, from planning and discovery, though implementation, testing (with a focus on automation), deployment, release and support.

We have a small (and vocal) user base who will love/hate you based on your choices - this isn't a role if you prefer never to talk to (internal) customers! You will use this direct engagement as an opportunity to create great experiences for our users.


Must Have

  • Experience working in a collaborative, distributed team
  • 3+ years Frontend experience, with a solid knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Vanilla JS experience, both legacy and ES6+
  • Sass or LESS (we use Sass in most code)
  • Bootstrap or other CSS framework
  • TypeScript
  • Extensive Angular experience
  • Webpack and/or other front-end tool chain


  • 5+ years Frontend experience
  • Understanding of Material Design
  • Django / Python experience
  • Mobile app experience (ideally with some native API usage)
  • Ability to create/iterate on wireframes (we use Figma)


  • Domain knowledge of travel or real estate industries
  • Location accessible with direct flights to London (via budget airlines)
  • Experience with Azure Devops (we use this for Git hosting, CI and task management)